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Why We Need Healthy Fats in Our Daily Diets Health Articles | January 17, 2012

Our bodies need healthy fats to function properly as they help our brain to work right and they also improve our heart health and they fight bad fats in our bloodstream.

The first thing that people think about when they are attempting to lose weight is to automatically cut back on the fat in their diet. Most commonly, they are advised to stay away from fast food establishments along with cutting back on drinking colas and to avoid frying their foods. Although all of these things are the sources of unhealthy storehouses of fat, the key to losing weight is not to completely do away with fat in your diet.

Studies have been conducted and have shown that the important thing is not actually the fat content in your diet that matters Stephon Gilmore Patriots Jersey , but rather the type of fat that counts. There is no question that bad fats increase your cholesterol level and they raise the risk of getting some diseases, but there is also something that is known as healthy fat that is actually good for your body. These types of fats will work to protect your heart and improve your overall health. One such fat is that of omega-3 and this one is necessary for both your physical and emotional health.

One of the most important reasons why we need healthy fat is that our brain needs it to function properly. Did you know that 60% of your brain is actually fat? We need these fats to create what is called neurotransmitters. Their definition is a chemical that is released from a nerve cell which thereby transmits an impulse from a nerve cell to another nerve Tom Brady Patriots Jersey , muscle, organ, or other tissue. This is the reason why doctors recommend fish oil and flax oil for kids who suffer from attention-deficit-disorder. There is also a good possibility that healthy people could also benefit from taking these because they help to improve memory and mood along with making learning faster.

Another good reason that we need healthy fats is that they help our bodies to burn body fat while at the same time, they stop us from feeling hungry too soon after a meal. This is a good thing because it also prevents us from overeating which could lead to obesity. Whe. wholesale air max sale Cheap Air Max Cheap Air Max 95 Cheap Air Max Shoes nike air max 95 wholesale discount air max shoes wholesale Cheap Air Max Hot Punch Jordan 6 Shoes For Sale Air Max Clearance Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping

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