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Submitted 2016-05-24 10:02:40 Prom is a special night for teenagers and young adults. It might come across as a mere fashionable night to dance away with your date or the night you have your first intimate moment but for young boys and girls it is beyond that. It marks the ending of an era; the ending of your childhood. It is their first step into adulthood. But that special night sometimes becomes a nightmare if things don鈥檛 go well. Not getting a date Deon Cain Jaguars Jersey , date ditching you, falling on the dance floor, drinks spilled on your beautifully designed gown or bad make up can make that one night become a bad memory for life.

Imagine if there are so many things to be worried about Denzel Ward Browns Jersey , then overweight girls have an extra point to think about. They have to worry about their weight. All girls get confused about picking their dress for prom. Everyone wants to look gorgeous that one night. Often teenagers who are a little plump or curvy think that they cannot look pretty. All of us have the right to look fabulous and all of us can. One just needs to know a little about fashion, have confidence in oneself and should be comfortable in what they are wearing.

These are some of the ways by which plus size girls can also carry short prom dresses or short bridesmaid dresses.

Accentuate and Hiding Body parts

If you happen to be a little overweight and yet want to wear short dresses to prom, you should know that there are colours Darius Leonard Colts Jersey , cuts and patterns that can draw attention to your weight and also steal attention from your figure.

鈥?You can wear a dark coloured dresses. They tend to hide your fatty flesh.

鈥?Try to wear small patterned dresses. Big patterns highlight certain areas which are flabby.


If you want to wear a formal or casual dress for prom with stripes, you must know what kind of stripes enhances your figure and what doesn鈥檛.

鈥?Horizontal stripes are strictly forbidden for plus size women because they tend to enlarge your bust line.

鈥?You can go for vertical or diagonal stripes. They make you look slimmer.


Your undergarments might not be seen but they play a huge role in making your attire well fitted whether they are short bridesmaid dresses or dresses for prom nights. If your lingerie is loose and not of your size, it might make you look even fatter.

Know your body parts

If you tend to have a heavy bust line Dante Pettis 49ers Jersey , wear loose fitted tops or baggy blouses that take the focus from your breasts. On the other hand if you have fat on your thighs and hips, avoid A-line or straight one size dresses. You can wear dresses with a broad neckline and dresses which are nipped in the waist and flowing thereafter. Try to wear full sleeves or three quarter sleeves if you have fat on your arms.

Accessorize Yourself

If you are little overweight try to make bold fashion statements with large, junk jewellery. That will complement your wide frame and not get lost behind your weight.

Whether it is short prom dresses or short bridesmaid dresses Dallas Goedert Eagles Jersey , always remember that you define your clothes, your clothes don鈥檛 define you. Your personality reflects in your clothes. You are beyond the size tag on your clothes. So be confident and cheerful in whatever you are wearing and be rest assured your prom will be one of the best nights of your life.
Did you recognize that there is an in reality good chance that your network marketing company is setting you up for failure and they may not even know, or do they?
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This is PURE madness people!
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