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Acting spontaneously out of fear Quincy Williams II Youth Jersey , revenge, spite, anger and a host of other emotions is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for failure.

If you plan your moves in advance your chances of success are increased. The most successful chess players do this.

By reacting to outside influences you will always be controlled by those influences.

By being pro-active you are dictating the terms. It doesn't matter what field you are in - business, a personal relationship Josh Oliver Youth Jersey , sport, a hobby - planning ahead will always bring about better results. But how many people are prepared to devote time and effort to creating a plan and then execute that plan?

So many people drift through life without a plan. They go to work to pay the bills to go to work to pay the bills and so on. Their days are full of routine and they have to act in accordance to the demands of other people. Does that sound like anybody you know?

The happiest people are the ones who do not believe that they even have a job. Sure, they work. However, what they do is so important or entertaining to them that they would do it without being paid. Some people fall into this naturally. Others can plan their way into such a life.

If you are dis-satisfied with where you are or what you are doing then do something about it. Life is very short. Every day is precious. As you get older you will realize this. To be trapped in a situation that is painful to you will cause misery.

It is easy to plan your way into something Jawaan Taylor Youth Jersey , or out of something. All you have to do is take a sheet of paper and write at the bottom where you are now and at the top where you want to be. Writing where you want to be at the top of the page is important because it shows ascendancy. In other words, it is at the top of your ladder. To get from where you are you need to climb the ladder.

At various intervals between the bottom and top of that sheet of paper you will mark points that represent significant steps along the journey. It's much the same as planning a journey to another city. You wouldn't just get in your car and drive. No. You would get out a map then drive from your current position to the next town, then the next and so on until you eventually got to your destination.

Why should life planning be any different? Without a plan you are doomed to mediocrity or failure. You can plan whatever you want. But it must be on paper. Keeping things in your head will ensure that nothing gets done. On paper, where you can see it makes a plan real.

You can plan anything. Get the paper Josh Allen Youth Jersey , get the pen. Think out the plan. Write the plan. Act on it and it will become reality. Millions of people have. Billions of people don't bother. You can do it. Happy planning.

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