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This way people think they are consuming the water brought Contigo Water Bottle from home, but they are in turn poisonous.Big brands are careful about these things; hence they pack water in food grade plastics. Normal 20 lts water can costs rs 70. Hence in a household of middle class family, rs 6000 per year is spent on bottled water alone. This way, lots of money is lost just for purchase of bottles and bottled water.

The Government turns a blind eye to the fake brands and nothing is done.Along with plastic being a health hazard, many fake brands just filter the water and fill in it; meaning that bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body still exists in the water. Contigo Water Bottle Kids Most of these fake brands fill out clear water, which is again is easily undetectable from the branded bottled water. Since the bottles are not food grade and not recyclable.

Therefore, you should make a point to check whether the Camelbak Water Bottle bottle is sealed before opening the cap and buy it from an authentic shop. Always check the price of the bottle and date of packaging and expiry which is written at the crimp.There are large plastic jar containers about a minimum quantity of about twenty litres which are basically supplied in social functions such as marriage parties, corporate events and even in the offices.

You just have to inform the mineral water supplier of your area regarding the need Gallon Water Bottle of jar and the quantity you need. You must be also aware of the fact that drinking of contaminated and impure water containing arsenic and iron can prove hazardous for the health. A number of malicious diseases such as typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery and others are occurring because of the impure water. Most of the people have installed RO water purifiers in order to combat the problem but you cannot carry the water purifiers.

You would happen to find out that there is definitely truth in the savings that they talked about since you will no longer need to buy bottled water from stores daily. Just think of having the equivalent of gallons of water with just this one water bottle filter. The cost of the water bottle filter is something that anybody could afford 1 Gallon Water Bottle and what’s great is that at a good price, you would also be able to save much from buying all those bottled water in convenience stores and other places.

Sport Berkey Water Purifier is one of the water bottle filters out in the market today. You would definitely see all the advantanges we have just discussed in this product from New Millennium Concepts.The ionic adsorption micro filtration system is what makes this water bottle filter work best. This water bottle filter works as a safe guard from possible irritants that could infect the sources of the water that we drink.

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