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Using a debt consolidation company to assist you with your financial problems will have a slight impact on your credit score. Compared to the damage not paying your bills Rush Trevon Wesco Jersey , letting them go into collections or filling bankruptcy, the small fluctuation in your score is basically nondescript. Charge off status and collection accounts can damage your credit score for many years. Bankruptcy, chapter 7 or 13 will remain on your report for a minimum of ten years making it virtually impossible to reestablish credit.

If you file for bankruptcy, for example Rush Jachai Polite Jersey , your credit score is automatically dropped by 350 points! This is enough damage to ensure that it will be years before you will ever be able to establish credit again –more than 7 years. Allowing your credit cards to go into charge off status when the account is turned over to a collection agency will also severely impact your score.

When you use a debt consolidation company your accounts will be marked as paid or paid in full. This is just one step below “paid as agreed” which is the highest rating you can receive. Over a very short period of time the small impact that this distinction has on your report will fade and your score will rebound. If you continue to practice good payments and keep everything else in tact, you will raise your score and be able to reestablish credit fairly easily.

The most important issue is to abide by the repayment plan that is established for you by the consolidation company. The debt consolidation counselors have the ability to make arrangements with the creditors to not only create a payment plan that will benefit both parties, but do so in a manner that will lessen the impact on your overall credit score.

You are highly advised, to check the company you are going to work with against the Better Business Bureau.

NOTE: By researching and comparing the best debt consolidation services in the market Rush Chuma Edoga Jersey , you will determine the one that meets your very specific financial situation.

You are very welcome to visit the Erase Debts website – where you can see the best rated debt consolidators on the market.

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Ecommerce use to be about spending thousands of dollars on setting up your shop and hundreds of dollars on getting a merchant. My, how things have changed over the years. Now anyone with a few hundred of dollars in their pocket(or less if you have the time to learn it yourself) can have a great working ecommerce system up and running in the matter of days. This also includes the full ability to accept payments from Credit Cards, manage customers, create invoices and more.

The most cost effective ecommerce solution on the market today is . Why is it so cost effective Rush Quinnen Williams Jersey , well because it is free. All you need to do is learn it yourself or get someone who works in the web world(a web designer or programmer) to set it up for you. This can run you anywhere's from $500-$900, give or take a bit depending on the features you want and if you want it integrated into a custom built design. In a all in one solution you can set up products to sell, have a visitor sign up and pay via the osc(oscommerce) payment section, create an invoice for that client as well as deliver the product(if it can be transferred via email) or create a packing slip to be mailed out. These are just some of the features located in oscommerce.

Another great feature about oscommerce is that you can integrate it to fit right into your site design. If you view my site at and click one of the links at the top(such as logo templates) you can see that it fits snugly into the design. You can customize any part of oscommerce including the buttons for the shopping cart. It is a really great program to use.

One of the hassle before with ecommerce was getting something that would process payment. Payment was a big issue as before it was very costly to get a merchant account Rush Jamal Adams Jersey , which usually cost around $400USD. Also you had to pay a % of every sale you made, which can really add up.

Today there are two great forms of payment that can be added to Oscommerce as your payment modules, they are and . These two options are a great way to go. is free to sign up, has over 78 Million accounts Rush Sam Darnold Jersey , only charges a small % of each salepayment, can be funded by your credit card or bank account if you want to purchase something online and any sales you get you can take straight down into your bank account. Though the user does have to have a paypal account to pay you, but with 78 Million Accounts, you can see that is no problem.

doesn't offer as many features in the way as you being able to purchase products offline Rush Le'Veon Bell Jersey , but it is great if someone is purchasing products off of you. It allows you to take payments via credit card and the customer doesn't even have to have a account. It only takes a small % off when you take money down into your account. The only down side to is that there is a one time fee of $49 to purchase a membership and they only send payment out twice a month(the middle of the month and the end of the month). So really not much of a downside at all.

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