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Internal Prisons: The Thief of Productivity and Quality in our Workforce Business Articles | February 15 DeSean Jackson Jersey , 2005
As a professional speaker, one of my biggest challenges is to grab the attention of my audience within the first few minutes of the presentation- grab them by the throat if you will. I do this by coming out in a suite and tie, following an introduction in which I have been described as a recent college graduate who earned both of his degrees with a 4.0 GPA and placement on the Deans and Presidents List.

I am portrayed as someone who was once an honors roll student, star athlete, father and family man. Upon entering the stage I ask the audience to take a close look at my face. ?This is the face, as your were just told Dallas Goedert Jersey , of a recent college graduate, a recent college graduate who earned both his degrees with the highest academic honors available. This is the face of a kind man, an honest man, a trustworthy man, and a man of his word. Please take a close look at this face.? Now the hook- I then turn around, pull a pantyhose mask over my face and turn back around brandishing a toy pistol. I now ask them to take a look at this face. ?This is the face of a man who on March 20th Carson Wentz Jersey , 1992 walked in to the First Tier National Bank, pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the tellers face and demanded all of the twenties, fifties and hundreds. This would be the first of five armed bank robberies that I would commit over a six month crime spree when I was twenty-eight years old.? I then pull the mask off and explain to them that both these faces are mine. ?The transformation between the two, the transformation from a suicidal, drug induced bank robber to what you see standing before you today took place gradually, over 7.5 years within the confines of a federal prison.?


What does me earning two college degrees while incarcerated have to do with HR Management? It is my belief that we all have internal prisons Brian Dawkins Jersey , ?prisons within ourselves? that are just as confining as those walls that held me for 7.5 years. I am talking about being a prisoner to things like fears, addictions, depression, overeating, overworking, bad relationships- the list
could go on and on. Only when we ourselves Randall Cunningham Jersey , and those we bring into our companies are ?whole? personally can we then become better professionally.

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