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Article writing is one of the best ways to increase your traffic and get more sales. You've heard it a million times so you decide to finally just do it. You write an article and submit it to the article directories Cheap Air Max Womens , eagerly anticipating the flow of traffic. Instead you receive the dreaded rejection letter.

What did you do wrong?

1. Did you proof-read your article before you submitted it?

Popular article directory sites receive hundreds of submissions each day. It's much easier for the owner to click "decline" than to edit your typo-filled or unformatted article. Before submitting, proof the article and proof it again. If grammar and spelling make you sweat, then hire a Copywriter or ask a friend to help you before you click that submit button.

2. Is it an Advertisement or an Article?

Article directory sites are looking for informative, useful content, not press releases or ads. If your submission reads like an ad Cheap Air Max Outlet , it will not be accepted. And, think about it -- even if was approved on a fluke, do you think that website owners will be clamoring to publish your 500 word advertisement? Not a chance.

If your goal is to write and submit a press release, then check out places like .

3. Did you read the Submission Guidelines?

Each article directory has a different culture. Glance through the Submission Guidelines before setting up an account to make sure your article will be welcome before you submit it. If an article directory is based around a niche like gardening, then please resist the urge to submit your Mesothelioma articles. There are plenty of article directories that want your articles. It's not an effective use of your time to submit unwanted articles to a niche site.

4. Is your article PG-rated?

Don't submit sex-related articles Cheap Air Max Shoes , profanity, or general nastiness. Article directories are businesses and, therefore, exist to make money. This means they generally receive income through affiliate sales or advertising. So, if your article includes sex or contains words stronger than "darn" Cheap Air Max , don't be surprised if your article is rejected. Of course, if your article contains nastiness or anything illegal -- don't even bother.

5. Is your Article original and written by you?

Submit only original articles. Please do not copy someone else's article, edit it, and submit it. That's stealing and you will be caught. And, do not submit articles from shared content sites. Article directories want original Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 , unique content. Public domain is 'public' but think how ineffective article directories would become if there were 500 versions of the same public domain piece. Instead of wasting your time figuring out how to reinvent other people's content, just write your own.

Now that you know what not to do, start writing the kind of articles that article directories dream of -- and watch your business grow.

About The Author

Nicole Dean, owner of ? an article directory for women, invites you to visit to learn how writing simple articles can be the most effective way to bring traffic and sales to your website.

This article was posted on November 30 Cheap Nike Air Max TN , 2005

?2005 - All Rights Reserved Learn More about Peruvian Culture
Posted by Jflores on July 21st, 2015

Peruvian culture is a true melting pot, influenced by several different factors. The country is ancient, has deep roots in the Incan culture and is influenced keenly by the Spanish conquistadors and different settlers. Over time, people who immigrated from Africa Cheap Nike Air Max 97 , China, Japan and Europe have made their own contributions to the eclectic culture, influencing the food, the lifestyle and the people.

The most important aspect of Peruvian culture is their family structure and their religion. Most Peruvians are very pious people and have great respect for family and elders. You’ll find several large families with generations living together, helping each other out.

Music and Dance

Dance and music are central to the Peruvian culture. The Andean music is famous for its sweet Cheap Nike Air Max 90 , lingering and lively compositions. Peruvian artists usually favour flutes and panipipes, which have been in use here for several hundred years.

The Spaniards introduced string instruments such as the charango, violins and harps. The compositions played on these instruments are usually complimented by native drums, brass as well as wood-wind musical instruments.

The Andean people have at least 300 different styles of dance, of which Cheap Nike Air Max Kids , the huayano is considered most popular. The music and dance from the coastal region is very different from the Andean styles. The Criollo music consists of an enchanting blend of Spanish and African styles.

Art and Crafts

Art is also a very important part of Peruvian culture. In fact, you can date back Peruvian love for the arts to before the Incan times. Hand carving of wood, creating jewellery from precious metals like gold and silver are prominent here. You’ll find hand carved wooden statues and alters in Peruvian homes. Some families have preserved ancient techniques and art forms in their lines. Native Amerindian families still spin llama, alpaca and sheep wool as well as cotton.

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