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Here i am going to explain the ideal national tactic for each faction in Crusades Total War. Let us assume at first you have selected Egypt Nation. It is fairly easy Cheap Authentic Adidas Shoes , since you have only one side to be attacked possibly, means you have only side that you need to push. Rally all your men into the borders with Kingdom of Jerusalem, and set all other settlement's growth base as cultural or financial growth except keeping Gaza as a castle to provide replenishment for the frontiers and act as a bulwark against upcoming Templar hordes. If you want to play historically, get every city of Kingdom of Jerusalem, apart from Jerusalem itself. Then Help the Turks handle the principality of Antioch, then you may take Jerusalem before Cheap Adidas Shoes Wholesale , if possible, the third crusade. You may let Richard to get Acre when he arrives but i doubt he will be arriving when kingdom of Jerusalem have been captured already. Furthermore, as playing Kingdom of Jerusalem, you should maintain good relations with Principality of Antioch to secure your northern borders. You already do start with nice relations with them, both trade rights, military access given Cheap Adidas Shoes Sale , so try not to break those with any attempts of assassination or such. Help them defend themselves against Turks if they seem to have problem. And most of the time, keep your armies at south border of Egypt to fend of their assault. You can advance through their territories if you can, or maybe hinterlands as there are only rebels to be found there, but try not to share borders with Turks for they may attack you if they happen to make peace with Principality of Antioch.

The Byzantine Empire is kind of complicated, since if you can manage to get rid of the Turks early in the game, before they dominate all of Anatolia Cheap Adidas Shoes Online , you can handle the rest easily. Your aim should be to capture their lands, not even rebel lands in Anatolia, and then, prepare yourself in times of peace with the Catholics at holy lands, and strike when you are ready. Also keep a large army for the Venetian invasion, so you may fend them off Cheap Adidas Shoes Mens , otherwise you would be flanking. It might be a good idea to wait for the Catholic nations to break their alliance first, before striking them.

The Turks, are by far the hardest nation to play on the map since they start in two separate locations, some land in Anatolia and some land in Mesopotamia. Ergo, you need to mess with both the Byzantine Empire and Principality of Antioch. Try defending yourself against the Byzantines while attempting to capture the rebel settlements in Anatolia, eastern Anatolia especially Cheap Adidas Shoes Womens , to unite the two parts of your lands into one. Then you can push on Principality of Antioch once you have secured your position in Anatolia with open ways of reinforcements from Mesopotamia. When the Venetians arrive to attack Constantinople, take this opportunity to strike at Byzantine Empire, and most likely you will succeed if you make alliance with the Venetians.

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