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While sitting here tonight Cheap Gabriel Jersey , watching the conclusion of ?There Are No Children Here,? my heart pulsated as I heard a little innocent boy say, "When I wake up in the morning, I feel good that God gave me another chance to stay alive." This statement as innocent as it was, was true to him because of where he lived Cheap Franck Kessie Jersey , and the lethal possibilities that he faced daily of being killed by someone's bullet.

Oh -- I thought, just how much do I really mean those words when I wake up in the morning? Are those words as true to me as they are to this little boy, or have they become a ritual -- empty words with no meaning?

In our often-stressful lives, we are constantly absorbed by negativisms, feeling that our troubles are insurmountable and that no one else in this world is troubled by such circumstances.

We are often absorbed by meaningless thanksgivings -- being thankful only in empty words for the things that we have. We are so absorbed with the things that we do not have Cheap Fabio Borini Jersey , that we effortlessly forget about the things that we do have. Things such as loved ones, a place to lay our heads, food on our tables and clothes on our backs. Things such as -- LIFE.

Things that we often complain about -- that we often yearn -- overpoweringly forces us to forget to be thankful for what we have. While we are often concerned with the things in life that we feel like we cannot live without, there are millions of others, of young girls and boys Cheap Davide Calabria Jersey , men and women, who are genuinely thankful to just be alive.

Just to be alive -- is enough alone to be thankful. Take out time -- this day -- to just be thankful.

Copyright ? 2002 by Audrina Jones Bunton. REPRINTING THIS ARTICLE: Permission is granted to reproduce or distribute this article only in its entirety and provided copyright is acknowledged. You can find other articles to choose from at First things first, being a sovereign personal trainer is not easy. It sounds fantastic to operate a fitness training facility from the comfort of your home. Fitness trainers often glamorize the design of working as self-employed professionals. In reality, many a at-home and independent fitness trainer share common complaints like dearth of time as also a misbalance between personal and professional life, to pen a few. Lack of sufficient income Cheap Cristian Zapata Jersey , however, tops them all. Nevertheless, none of these problems are insurmountable. Laid down below are ten tips to run your training business on track.

Create a workplace: Get a designated office area. You should have at least a phone, a filing cabinet and ideally a computer. This implies that you are serious about your profession as a personal trainer.

Conform to a schedule and request others to follow it: Working at flexible hours is fine, but following a schedule is harder. Devise a business map to decide upon your schedule. Calculate the amount you require to earn. Decide how many clients you can accommodate. Work out your fees accordingly. A schedule sets certain boundaries and will help you in being more focused. Remember Cheap Carlos Bacca Jersey , working from your home as a personal trainer could lead to interruptions and demand more of your time. Seeing you at home, family, friends and even pets believe your time to be theirs. Thus, draw boundaries between work and leisure. While insufficient work could pose a problem, the contrary is also true for many trainers. Building a balanced personal and professional life is simpler than letting your work schedule dictate terms to your personal life.

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