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Stability ball exercises enhance your flexibility and balance to help you gain an enviable poise. The feature of the stability ball exercises is that several muscles are impacted at the same time giving them the much-needed strength to perform even the difficult day-to-day tasks with relative ease. The stability ball exercises help in strengthening your core muscles that enables you to enjoy supreme condition of physical fitness. The stability ball exercises which most efficiently help you in realizing these objectives are listed below.

Incline Dumbbell chest press exercise
The stability exercises are recommended to athletes and to those recuperating from injuries as the exercises strengthen the muscles. The inclined dumbbell chest press exercise performed by resting on the stability ball with your lower back activates the muscles of the abdomen helping you to strengthen your core muscles. The dumbbells are pressed forward from your shoulder level to point the ceiling. The exercise repeated to about 12-15 times help you to work out the desired group of core muscles to the maximum.

Squat and press with stability ball
The feature of the stability ball exercises are that they do not consume lots of time in completing the set of exercises. The exercises could be completed fast and are ideally suited to do without rest. Squat and press with stability ball is a pointer to the case. Here you stand with legs apart and knees slightly bent with stability ball in your hands http://www.airmaxpascherrabais.fr/ , before you begin the exercise motion of squatting with the stability ball. As you squat and raise immediately you simultaneously press your hands above your head, taking care to keep your arms parallel to the body.

Stability ball crunches
The stability ball exercise recommended by physical trainers for those who wish to have six-pack abs is the stability ball crunch. You sit on the stability ball and allow the ball to roll gently so as to balance on the stability ball with your lower back. You are to lean back till your head is parallel to the floor. You are to contract your abdomen muscles as you rise to get back to the original position. Caution should be taken here to ensure that the size of the stability ball is right for you. In case it is too big, you may be forced to extend your back more air max rabais , which may lead to injury to your back.

Low back extension
Reversing you position from that of the stability ball crunch exercise, here you lie face down on the stability ball, with feet on the floor. The correct stance for the exercise requires you to rest on the stability ball between your abdomen and lower chest region. Placing your hands behind your head air max homme pas cher , you try to raise to about eight inches from the ball before lowering back to the original position. To help you to be stable you may place your feet near a wall to do this set of exercise.

Shoulder press
This comparatively easy exercise also helps you to extend the muscles of the abdomen effectively. Here you sit in an upright position on the ball and press the dumbbell up above your head. The exercise helps you work on the lower and upper torso simultaneously.

By working on the highly effective stability ball exercises from home every week, you could easily shed fat from your tummy and end-up with an attractive abs.

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