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Many technicians are confused on how to really read a zener diode code. There are many types of code number indicated on it's body. The look and shape of a zener diode sometimescan be mistaken to be a normal signal diode. To differentiate it Jake Smolinski Youth Jersey , is by looking at the codenumber on it's body- whether it is a normal diode or zener diode. Thanks to the manufacturers where their main boards are printed with the word 'ZD' which referred to zener diode and 'D' means a diode.

However, from my experienced some printed circuit board the marking of 'D' also can represent zener diode. This will misled a technician into believing a zener diode is actually a diode. We as a technician or engineer must know or be sensitive about the marking. The only way to find out is by referring the code number printed on the component's body from a semiconductor data book. Without data book it is quite difficult to know the actual zener diode voltage. If you do not have the data book you may go to google search engine and type the following code and hope you can find the answer there! A wrong substitution of zener diode may caused your equipment to malfunction and sometimes will even blow your equipment. Time and money are loss due to that we lack of knowledge of identify the right zener diode voltage. If you are unable to identify the code Brandon Lowe Youth Jersey , do not worry as this newsletter are here to guide you to successfully on how to read the zener diode code.

5.1=5.1Volt zener diode

5V1=5.1Volt zener diode

12= 12 Volt zener diode

12V= 12 Volt zener diode



Note: There is also part number such as BZVXXXXX where you have to find it from ECG SEMICONDUCTOR BOOK.

1N4746= 18 Volt 1 watt zener diode (refer to ECG PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS MASTER REPLACEMENT GUIDE)

6C2=6.2 Volt zener diode. (If you look at the zener diode code it is written as 6C2 READING FROM TOP TO BOTTOM) Don't read from bottom to top otherwise the value you get is 2C6 which you cannot find from data book!

I believe many will ask how do I get the voltage for the code of 6C2. Still refer to ECG book, you have to search for HZ part number. That's mean instead of finding 6C2 Michael Perez Youth Jersey , search for HZ6C2 and you will get the answer! The lowest zener voltage that I came across was 2.4 volt and the highest was 200 Volt 5 watt.

Conclusion- Be alert when checking the part number of a zener diode. Don't always assume that a small signal diode is always a zener diode. Carefully observe the marking on the main board and read the zener diode part number refer to the semiconductor book, preferably ECG SEMICONDUCTOR DATA BOOK which you can get from your local electronic distributor. With this knowledge in mind Blake Snell Youth Jersey , you will be successfully find the right voltage of a zener diode.

Syspro ERP Accounting Software Computers Articles | April 14, 2011
Syspro is well known software which serves the accounting requirements of a company. In this accounting software Yandy Diaz Youth Jersey , a GL is opened for two years instead of one year.

Companies need to integrate accounting into every department present and therefore a need for robust accounting software arises. This software is required to take care of the cash flow and proper communication between the departments. Syspro ERP accounting software is well known software which serves the accounting requirements of a company. In this software, a General Ledger is opened for two years instead of one year. This is a powerful tool in this software and is quite flexible.?

This software follows the regulations of the government taxes and can be updated according to the changes in the tax laws. The various benefits that Syspro ERP software provides to its customers are that it supports for multi period accounting process so that there is no discrepancies in the period end closings. The customer can streamline the accounts department as it provides integration of modules like Accounts payable Willy Adames Youth Jersey , Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. This in turn aids in reducing the audit costs.

The other benefits of the Syspro ERP software are that it supports the government tax laws and is a user friendly application. It delivers the results fast and has a big customer base. It can be integrated with the Enterprise Resource Planning software or Customer Relationship Management software with ease due to the Syspro's ISO certification. It is the market leader in its field and should be considered first if you are looking to implementing accounting software.?

Syspro ERP accounting software has many years as being the first software vendor to develop an ERP solution. It is operational in many countries and deploys the latest technologies providing world class software solutions. Syspro adds value no matter which industry to help the business grow. The accounting software offers a comprehensive financial and cost accounting functionality and control. Syspro ERP accounting software has been certified by the Accounting Library too.?

It is a fully integrated system which provides for transaction processing in the current period and two prior periods. It helps to increase the visibility of corporate performance and enhances performance. It improves budgetary control and reduces the accounting costs due to the streamlined process. It offers low cost of ownership while providing a favorable return on investment. The software decreases the operating costs by reduced closing cycle. With this accounting software there is fast financial consolidation and reporting.?

There is complete support for the types of government taxes like VAT and GST and other taxes according to the geographic location. It is powerful financial and. Cheap Womens Nike Shoes Cheap Nike Air Jordan Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Cheap Air Max 90 Ultra Cheap Air Max Kids Air Jordan For Sale Air Max 2017 Outlet Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping

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