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The Newest Social Media Marketing Strategies to Know Marketing Articles | April 13 Nelson Cruz Youth Jersey , 2017

2017 is set to be another big year for social media. Since this is a space that continues to evolve at a very rapid pace, we want to share a few ideas that will help keep your business ahead of the curve:

1. Go Live

Video was a major driver of social media activity throughout 2016. Thanks to significant efforts by all the major social platforms, video is no longer limited to pre-recorded content. Instead, live video is an area that continues to gain more traction. From Facebook to YouTube to Instagram Miguel Sano Youth Jersey , users are interacting with each other through live streams. In terms of what a business can do with this form of social media interaction, there are a number of avenues to test out. Whether it’s a Q&A or behind the scenes tour, the main thing to keep in mind is live video’s all about authenticity. So even though good audio and lighting are important, the best way to figure out what works best is to jump in and try a few streams.

2. Messaging

More social media activity is moving from the traditional platforms and into messaging apps. This behavior is one of the reasons that Facebook was willing to pay so much to acquire WhatsApp. While the personal nature of messaging may seem like it will exclude businesses Jonathan Schoop Youth Jersey , that doesn’t have to be the case. Most of the big messaging apps and platforms are making it possible for businesses to offer customer service. Businesses can even take this activity a step further through the use of chatbots, which are one of the hottest areas of tech in 2017.

3. Pay to Play

There was a lot of uproar last year when Facebook made changes to their algorithm that reduced organic reach. But because the pace of social media activity only continues to accelerate, this isn’t something that will change any time soon. However, what businesses often overlook is the very affordable nature of social media advertising. By taking time to experiment with paid social media activity and looking into other platforms like YouTube or Pinterest Kirby Puckett Youth Jersey , businesses can achieve a very desirable return with only a minimal investment.

4. Social Commerce

Because there are only so many hours in the day, social media platforms want to keep their users around for as long as possible. One way they’re doing this is by enabling social commerce. Keep in mind that this activity can extend beyond products and into things like services, which is why businesses across all sectors should think about how they can utilize the latest social commerce features.

If you want help with staying on top of these social media marketing strategies and any others that may work for your business, be sure to take a look at our social media marketing services. You should also check out the social media certification and social media training courses we offer.

This is the syndicated copy of an original article posted at webstrategyplus.blogspot


What Is Masking Software And Why Do You Need It? Computers Articles | January 28 Justin Morneau Womens Jersey , 2010
Mask painting is the process of cutting out a certain part of an image - foreground or background - and replacing it with something else altogether.

The term has becomes widely used since digital photo editing began to open up new vistas in image manipulation - to the extent that the greenscreen is the most common background used while taking commercial photographs today.

The greatest difficulty surrounding cutouts and mask painting is the process of selecting an area with irregular, blurred edges or multiple colors. The best example that I can give of this is a multicolored head of flyaway hair - the photo editor's nightmare.

Intelligent edge detection is a feature built into most photo editors today - Photoshop, GIMP etc. However, the edge detectors find themselves at the limit of their intelligence when faced with soft Rod Carew Womens Jersey , blurred or multicolored edges. This is when graphic designers find that 90% of their time spent on a project has been the time spent trying to perfect the edge. The amount of time lost adds up really quickly.

This is where plugins or standalone software that ease up the cutting-out process begin to pay off.

A good masking software should have the following features:

Selection tools that are sensitive to complex, multicolored and blurred edges, and have presets for selecting the most common complex background objects - trees, hair Bert Blyleven Womens Jersey , lattices.

Customizable edge detection and edge blending, including "Forced editing", where edges that have not been automatically detected can be manually selected.

An intuitive user interface. Well-made tutorials are a bonus, but a well-designed UI is a must.

Ability to detect blurred edges Kent Hrbek Womens Jersey , and compensate by adding a degree of transparency. This is called "intelligent blending".

Quick and responsive previews, so that a full rendering is not necessary every time you want to see the results of your work.

Compatibility with tablets, including pressure sensitivity

Global selection tools. This allows the editing of large sections of an image at once.

Automatic lassoing of objects such as hair or trees, but allowing for editing by hand later.

Good performance for objects with similar color to the background.

Speed. While a program that runs slowly on a Pentium I computer cannot be blamed Joe Mauer Womens Jersey , the program should utilize dual core and multicore machines to their maximum.

Compatibility with full-featured image editing software like Adobe Photoshop

For convenience's sake, multiple OS compatibility

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