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An accredited college is the first right step towards a successful career.

There is no getting around it. If your degree does not come from an accredited school then it isn't worth the paper it is written on. At least not in the United States of America. In certain areas of employment Cheap John Johnson Jersey , not having a degree from an accredited college is enough to have you brought up on legal charges which would amount to the same thing as practicing without proper credentials.

While this isn't so much a problem for those who are attending on campus college classes, it is certainly something that should concern people who are thinking of gaining their diploma from an online school because just as with anything else, the internet is a wild west atmosphere for students seeking an online education and it comes with plenty of unscrupulous predators who are just waiting for the chance to lure in their next victim.

When shopping for an online college, remember the old saying what is too good to be true Cheap Cooper Kupp Jersey , probably is, so make sure you find out whether that school is accredited, and then check out the accrediting organization because there again, it could be the school is saying it is accredited but what it isn't telling you is that the accrediting body is three employees of that college whom have been assigned the duty of deciding whether they feel their college should be given accreditation.

Check out the accrediting body to make sure it is legitimately recognized by authorities in your state or region. One good way to do that is to call the United States Department of Education. You can reach the U.S.D.E. at (202) 219-7011 or check its website: and if you can't find your answer there Cheap Aaron Donald Jersey , perhaps that in itself is the answer.

Speaking of the government, it is well-known that in the states there is an excellent opportunity for every citizen to get a loan for a college education which is given by the government to almost anybody who asks their first time around. What isn't as well-known is that the loan will be repaid, regardless of whether you get the degree or not.

Such instance creates a situation where the job the former student is able to get, does not pay enough to allow for paying off the loan and still be able to eat Cheap Todd Gurley II Jersey , clothe and house oneself. This happens to so many people that there is actually a name attached to them. Debt slaves.

What happens is after the former student realizes the above, they begin falling behind on payments and eventually they experience a garnish on their wages which although severe, is only enough to cover the cost of the interest and penalties on the loan, never making any headway on the principal.

Then the former student begins to bounce from job to job trying to stay one step ahead of garnishment on their wages Cheap John Kelly Jersey , which means they will never even have the opportunity to get moved up in the company where they are currently working, because they are never there long enough.

The same end result can be expected for the people who get a degree from a college with no accreditation. The government won't care that you didn't know the school wasn't accredited. They will simply go after the defaulted loan same as any other.

Please don't let this article put you off getting a higher education as that is certainly not the intent. It is instead a cry to take your education seriously because it has serious repercussions to how the entire future of your life may result. To take the money which is loaned to you in a sober approach because it will be no party trying to pay it back if you fail in your attempt at earning a degree.

One last thing which should be obvious but enough people make the mistake to merit the mention. Please earn a degree in an area of demand. It is hard to know what the future holds in respect to what will still be needed twenty or thirty years from now but there are some areas which clearly will not be needed and other areas which have always been fragile to what the economy reflected, meaning that in hard times there will be a lot less demand for interior designers than there will be for health care personal because people are always going to get sick and they are always going to need care whether in good economy or bad, and though the jobs may pay more in good economies and less in the bad ones Cheap John Franklin-Myers Jersey , there will always be about the same number of jobs to be filled.
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