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YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. Sports Jerseys Sale . - Day after day, the two Americans who completed what had been considered the worlds most difficult rock climb bloodied their fingertips, endured bruising falls and balanced their bodies on handholds as small as coins.But while living for more than two weeks on a sheer granite wall, they still enjoyed a few comforts sent up from the Yosemite Valley below: coffee, Indian food, chocolate and an occasional nip of whisky.Now they hope their feat inspires others to follow their own passions.Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson became the first to free-climb the Dawn Wall on the famous El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park. Unlike climbers who need more elaborate equipment, the pair relied entirely on their hands and feet and physical strength, using ropes and harnesses only for safety in case of a fall.Speaking Thursday to reporters, both men said they had been touched by the number of people who drew inspiration from their journey up a half-mile of pale stone.Jorgeson said the climb should illustrate the virtues of teamwork and teach people not to give up on their dreams.In an interview with The Associated Press, he said the experience recalibrates your perception of what you can do and whats possible. Now that weve done this, who knows what comes. I have a whole new bar for whats possible and what Im capable of personally.The trek began Dec. 27. In the 19 days that followed, the two lived on the wall itself, eating and sleeping in tents fastened to the rock thousands of feet above the ground and battling painful cuts to their fingers.They also took punishment whenever their grip slipped, pitching them into swinging falls that left them bouncing off the rock face. The tumbles, which they called taking a whipper, ended with startling jolts from their safety ropes.Caldwell described how support climbers provided them with fresh fruit and vegetables every five days. They also had Indian food, burritos and other pretty normal stuff, including coffee. For treats, the two enjoyed chocolate and Woodford Reserve whisky.We like to say you cant put a price on morale, Caldwell told the AP, speaking in a whisper because he had lost his voice from shouting so much during the climb.There wasnt much downtime, Caldwell said, but in spare moments he read from the autobiography of legendary climber Barry Blanchard.Asked why the achievement resonated with so many people, Jorgeson said the Dawn Wall personifies dreaming big and making it happen. Its just a super-concrete example and an iconic, beautiful place with amazing images and a great story of perseverance and teamwork and making it.Caldwell, 36, of Estes Park, Colorado, and Jorgeson, 30, of Santa Rosa, California, trained for years to get ready.Ken Yager, president of the Yosemite Climbing Association, noted past milestones on El Capitan, starting with the first people to make the climb in 1958, followed decades later by the first one-day ascent and the duo who set a speed record in 2012 at 2 hours, 23 minutes. The latest accomplishment adds to that history, Yager said.Caldwell and Jorgeson proved that theres still a golden age in Yosemites climbing, Yager said.Jorgeson said Caldwell first envisioned the climb in 2007. After seeing a short film about his ambition to free climb the Dawn Wall, Jorgeson called to ask Caldwell if he needed a partner.They started their plans in 2009.I never thought rock climbing could garner so much attention from the world, Jorgeson told reporters. Its kind of crazy and a little uncomfortable.Mike Gauthier, chief of staff for Yosemite National Park, said the climb celebrated human achievement.Adventure can still be found on public lands and in the national parks today in 2015, he said. Tommy and Kevin, thank you for showing us that.There are about 100 routes up the rock known among climbers as El Cap. Even the Dawn Wall had been scaled. Warren Harding and Dean Caldwell (no relation to Tommy) made it up in 1970, using climbing ropes and countless rivets over 27 days.No one, however, had ever made it to the summit in one continuous free-climb until now.The pioneering ascent comes after failed attempts by both men. They only got about a third of the way up in 2010 when a storm turned them back. A year later, Jorgeson fell and broke an ankle in another attempt.This time, as the world watched and followed on Facebook and Twitter, Jorgeson got stalled in a lower section that took 11 attempts over seven days.I didnt want to accept any other outcome but getting up that route, Jorgeson said on Good Morning America. I tried to push all the negative thoughts of not being able to do it out and picture getting across that traverse, and thats eventually what happened. Wholesale Sports Jerseys .com) - The New York Jets have named Mike Maccagnan their new general manager. Sports Jerseys From China . -- The San Francisco 49ers have re-signed cornerback Perrish Cox to a one-year contract. https://www.discountsportsjerseyscheap.com/ . Irving played 10 minutes Sunday night before going to the locker room. He had two points and four assists, missing all five of his shots. The All-Star game MVP is the top scorer among Eastern Conference point guards with 21.PHILADELPHIA - The family of the late NFL star Junior Seau plans to object to the proposed US$765 million settlement of player concussion claims because the fund would not pay wrongful death claims to survivors. Although the players lawsuits accused the NFL of concealing known concussion risks, there would be no blame assessed as part of the settlement, and no punitive damages for pain and suffering. "Mr. Seaus children have their own claims for the wrong the NFL did to them. His children are not suing for their fathers pain and suffering, they are suing for their own," lawyer Steven M. Strauss wrote in a court filing Friday that signalled the familys intent to pursue an individual lawsuit. Other potential critics to the settlement reached by players lawyers and the league are also starting to emerge and the judge overseeing the case has herself expressed doubts the sum is big enough. About 50 plaintiffs lawyers met in New York last week to learn more about the settlement from the lead lawyers, but some left dissatisfied. "This could be a great settlement, this could be a terrible settlement, but I dont know," said Chicago lawyer Thomas A. Demetrio, who represents 10 players, including the family of the late Dave Duerson, a four-time Pro Bowler who mostly played with the Chicago Bears. Duerson fatally shot himself in the chest, leaving his brain intact for autopsy. Like Seau, he was diagnosed with CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. An honours graduate and trustee of the University of Notre Dame, he was 50 when he died, which would factor into his familys payout. "His estate will receive $2.2 million. Thats not adequate," Demetrio said. U.S. District Judge Anita Brody, who must weigh the deal, also wants more actuarial details than filed with the settlement papers. She preliminarily rejected the plan last month, questioning whether $765 million will be enouugh to fund about 20,000 claims involved for 65 years, as promised. Clearance Sports Jerseys. The architects of the plan argue that the players could end up with nothing if the lawsuits are thrown out of court. The NFL had argued that the claims belonged in arbitration. The retirees would also have to prove their injuries came from NFL concussions, and not those suffered earlier. "The retired player community has provided overwhelming support for this agreement, and we look forward to finalizing it soon so they can begin taking advantage of its benefits," lead lawyers Christopher Seeger and Sol Weiss said in a statement Monday that recognized the work of other lawyers on the case. The NFL settlement, if approved in court, would be capped at $4 million on behalf of players diagnosed after their deaths with traumatic brain injury. The payments could go as high as $5 million for younger men with Alzheimers disease, but many more plaintiffs with mild dementia would get $25,000 or less under the deal. Demetrio wants to know how much of the NFLs payment will come from insurance, and why the lawyers would split another $112 million, when the case did not reach discovery or trial. The NFLs annual revenues top $9 billion. "Its very, very unusual ... for all the plaintiffs to not know whats going on," Demetrio said. "Theyre acting like the Lone Ranger." The Seau Family, meanwhile, is also concerned that the deal calls for a stay on individual suits until all appeals are finalized with the settlement. "Junior Seaus children could be forced to wait years for justice, while the NFL continues to make billions of dollars and the memories of witnesses grow ever more distant," the filing said. The NFL, which on Monday joined two U.S. lawmakers in pushing for legislation to help protect student athletes from concussions, declined comment Monday on the Seau familys objections. ' ' '

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