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With all the media attention you've probably become aware that there is something huge going on in the world Quincy Williams II Jersey , but are you part of this bigger picture?

Day-to-day you'll be busy contributing to your household: cleaning tidying, earning money and taking care of your partner's and your children's needs as best you can. On a home front you've probably got it sorted. The thing is, when you flick the TV on and catch the news occasionally, the images of this bigger picture flash up.

And you'll probably not notice the bigger picture. This is because ordinary Josh Oliver Jersey , everyday life can become 'trance like?. When I say this I mean we do the same things at the same time of the day almost everyday of the week without even thinking ? like Groundhog Day. It starts when we're young and it's what I call ?conditioned logic?.

?Conditioned logic? can be stifling. It's doing what you've been taught to do by parents, teachers, religious and political leaders, friends Jawaan Taylor Jersey , peers and employers. And in this ?conditioned-logic, trance? we don't really notice the bigger picture or even know what it is.

I coach many people. All of them come to me because they want to find their Life Purpose ? that unique gift that they share in a distinctive way with the world. Once that's been uncovered and they continue their journey with greater meaning and direction they become aware that they are not only a part of the bigger picture, but have enormous power within it ? in fact they become it.

People on a life purpose journey become some of the most powerful people around. As they resolve the issues and conflict within themselves they raise their consciousness to the cause and effect they have on their families. Their stroppy teenager becomes manageable, even helpful. Their stale relationships spark into new life and their career reaches beyond their dreams.

People on Life Purpose journeys become the bigger picture. They see the effect they are having in their community? or lack of it. They stop shutting their doors and hoping that neighbourhood problems will magically vanish. They become active ? they not only participate in social change Josh Allen Jersey , they become the social change. Gently they lead others, by example or by voice, to newer and higher benchmarks and before you know it changes are happening personally, socially and environmentally.

Being part of the bigger picture and living purposefully is the most powerful way of living.

Will you be part of the bigger picture?

I hope so.

Best Wishes

Jo Ball
Coach & Founder Wholesale Jaguars Hats , Unstoppable Life

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