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ISO 17020 entitled "Conformity assessment - Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection" is an internationally recognized standard for the competence of inspection bodies. ISOIEC 17020 specifies requirements for the competence of bodies performing inspection and impartiality and consistency of their inspection activities.

Inspection methods and procedures

• Inspection bodies often perform sampling as part of their services. Such samples may be retained for reference purposes or tested. In some cases appropriate sampling activities demand the development of job - specific sampling plans andor the use of professional judgment. Sampling may also be performed as part of wider inspection activity. Accreditation Procedures for these activities is possible under Inspection Accreditation Program.

• The ISO 17020 Inspection Procedure and technique may be needed to support the inspections against defined product specifications. The effectiveness of these procedures should be validated and documented validation. In many cases it may be more appropriate accreditation to be held in a technically sound Qadree Ollison Game Jersey , - house inspection procedure referencing all applicable specifications against the elements to be evaluated rather than for accreditation to detail individual specifications.

• Acceptancerejection criteria are nominated in contracts or specification documents, the criteria should be included as follows, in the worksheets andor checklists used by the inspection body Procedures.

a) Inspection records must include any amendments to the work order requested by the client. Documented client approval should be obtained for any changes to the work order issued.

b) Verbally established agreements John Cominsky Game Jersey , requests and changes to the scope of works are considered a form of contract and shall be recorded, included in contract review processes and confirmed in writing with the client. Where appropriate, the relevant dates and the identity of the clients‟ representative should be recorded.

c) For routine or repeat work Kendall Sheffield Game Jersey , contract review may be limited to consideration of resource availability.

• The information referred to in Accreditation Body Procedures is not information provided by a subcontractor, but actually it is information received from other parties. The information may include background data for the inspection activity, but not results of the inspection activity.

a) All primary records must be made as soon as is practicable.
b) Where inspection includes the manipulation of electronic records to enhance inspection practices or reporting a copy of the unchanged data and details of the processes used in enhancement should be retained.

• The safety of inspection personnel should be considered at all times when conducting inspection procedures Kaleb McGary Game Jersey , as should protection of the surrounding environment. Safety issues of concern noted by an inspector should be recorded and reported to the site management and the client or those responsible for rectification of the situation.

• Inspection Accreditation Procedures does not define mandatory safety measures but does draw attention to any unsafe work practices that are observed in the course of an assessment. When clauses covering safety are written into standard inspection codes, methods or specifications covered by the scope of accreditation these must be observed by the inspection body. Inspection bodies visiting clients and other organizations must also observe site specific safety requirements.


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