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(we will never know how many times we beat death Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , got away from it, until we do die, but, perhaps we should had been dead long ago, so the old man mixed this up with his other thoughts) but it comes around again. We hear our mothers and fathers say: death is around the corner, but we do not relate it to us, then it comes, comes out of the blueslaps us in the face: it says, its your turn,?then you got to face it: death says: I will not morn, nor give pity, I want you,?if anything, it may allow you a moment to patch up a few minor things, but that is it; look it in the eyes Wholesale Jerseys From China , everyone must look it in the eyes. We dont quite know how to deal with it, it is just a hidden fact, a thing put aside for a later date, then the people around us try to say it is not so, as if to protect themselves from the inevitable, or usyet we are the ones dying, for at that summit, most people have dealt with it, know it is about to take place, that they will not wakeup again on this earth: but go into the port of eternity, not at least in the same dimension they left it, in the physical way I mean, so the old man mumbled to his second self, his inner mind, his minds eye; he had to talk to someone Wholesale Jerseys China , it was his inner eye he was talking to. And today, possibly today, was his day.

Almost asleep at times, the old man, the old stubborn man of war, focused on the sounds of water again, it kept him awake at times, shifting to a dream mode (almost in a coma state, and possibly in and out of a coma, he didnt know) he was dreaming of putting on an overcoat, only to wakeup to water; he laughed, laughing is healthy he told himself, laughing helps the blood vessels move the blood, circulate it, keep it going Wholesale Jerseys , and he wanted it to go, go and go until he knew his daughter was safeit was rain that was covering his body, not an overcoat, a blanket of rainwater: a warm overcoat would do though, he told himself, he told himself over and over, yet water would have to do, it was water, and more water, endless water. The river was his overcoat, his blanket, possibly his coffin.

His feet felt like they had balls of iron tied onto them for some odd reason, iron anvilsfrostbitten, numb, he wanted to sink Wholesale MLB Baseball Jerseys , but not yet,?he told his muscles: not yet,?he moved his face muscles more and more, he knew he had more muscles in his face than another place, and he had to move them, or have them freeze; oh no not yet: He told his heart, his brain: not yet,?he yelled at the cliffs he could no longer see them though: not yet!? He told his feet: not yet, you cant sink now, but you can sink later, just wait, please, just, justWAIT!? And his request was granted.

As he starts to sink, he forced himself to rise quickly Wholesale Baseball Jerseys , fast and steady: rubbing his thighs to circulate the blood, pulling the rope closer to him, almost hugging it (as it rips at his skin, slippery as it was), this was still his life line, he knew it, but soon that would be gone, for the house was sinking, and he couldnt hold on all night, and no one could help him, no one could help anyone, and if so, it was all but too late, and too dark; possibly before, but he was safe on the roof Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cheap , and no one could see his daughter but him. He felt like a drunken sailor, like a prune with his revolted skin; akin to a floating buoy in the middle of the Mississippi, telling people not to go this way, stay away, danger, danger: for no one was coming to his rescue.

The old man was now floating in circles pointlessly, he no longer was cynical, nor did he have vanity or pride, it all sank in the water, with his new found death notice: this was the time he told himself each man has to fold up the pretense, throw it away, and be frank, honest, completely honest with oneself; as it often does when man faces the inevitable, the one thing that is for sure Wholesale MLB Jerseys Free Shipping , the one thing most people do not talk about is death, and where they are at with everything; no more ruthlessness or even bad words for the storm, that also sank to the floor of the river, it was like he had come to peace with the fact, death was, or could be, the price he had to payeverything costs he told himself, everything: we dont really get away with much. And if we think we do, we get the worry syndrome, which works on the body, and ages us before our time. When we hurt people, we hurt our life span: we hurt the world, we are all part of this moment, and we will all meet on the same street someday and be judged. When we rob and we still and kill and rape, we do not get away with it Wholesale MLB Jerseys From China , we pay and pay and pay. We sink with our values, we lower our heads, and we have a hard time facing peopleIve seen it a thousand times he told himself in the eyes of many; for he often said, I look behind the face, that is where the soul is, once I find that, I know his character, and that is what they dont want me to know,?that is the pretense. He knew this, and so he tired to be fair, walk like the man he wanted to be, even if others didnt, and most didnt; but nothing haunted him, now or at anytime, he was at peace with God Wholesale MLB Jerseys China , himself, mankind, if success was in that order, he was successful. And he told himself: Im ready; Im ok with it?(with death).?br >
Everybody wants to live forever,?he mumbled, like so many victories Ive had in lifes ticking clock (from illness and so forth) their comes a time when it is futile to struggle against the inevitable. Being stubborn, obdurate, unwilling to die, works for a while, but I must accept our mortality, at the end. Fighting against the odds is like a broken mantel clock, sometimes the parts are just too old to fix.?It was not within his strength to fight on much more he knew.

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