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?Make sure it?s viable Brian Dawkins Hat , don?t waste your time, effort, money unless you can see it paying off.. ECommerce Articles | September 24, 2015

Rob from Parade Antiques sells items in?the area of collectibles, memorabilia and antiques. Based?in Plymouth, the business was established in 1997. Around five years ago Alshon Jeffery Hat , Rob started the Company’s eCommerce?business alongside friend and business partner Alex. Parade Antiques trade through their own website and through eBay and are?based in an old early 18th century warehouse?near the waterís edge of Plymouth.

Some thoughts from the interview

“The online sales kinda started around five years ago when we went into a family run antiques shop and started selling online for them.”

“They didn’t have an online presence and we seen a niche that needed to be filled.”


“Very quickly it was apparent that it was a model that was going to work”

“So long as you’ve got the right attitude towards the work I guess it doesn’t matter what you’re doing.”

“The shops been full of unique, one off items and that’s not really the easiest thing to retail online.”

“To a certain extent the photography is the most important thing of all because the way that we work is we now have three or four different shops and art galleries will send us their items and we sell them through a commission basis so we’ll demand a product description and price but it’s the photography itself that really sells the item.”

“You have to picture every angle, every dent, every chip, every aspect of the piece to make sure that they can see it from the other side of the World as best as possible.”

“Over the last three years we’ve really made some leaps and bounds because we’ve been able to invest more in our equipment.”

“We decided with Amazon because we are one off items the nature of Amazon is more multiples rather than just selling one thing.”

“We give people enough time around the World to send it back to us if they’re not happy.”

“We have a large amount of packaging going out on a weekly basis and all of it goes fully insured and fully tracked.”

“You have to do what you can to protect your interest without costing yourself a fortune.”

“I’d like to spend more time on social media to be honest but seeing as there isn’t that many of us here I think social media could be a full time job for a person, just running it for one business.”

Best advice: “Make sure it’s viable Jordan Hicks Hat , don’t waste your time, your effort, your money unless you can see it paying off at the end.”

What do they offer?

Parade Antiques offer a wide range of stock including artwork, china, glass and ceramics, antique furniture Nelson Agholor Hat , silver and jewellery, coins and medals, toys, advertising, railway and motoring, maritime Sidney Jones Hat , ethnic items, entertainment memorabilia, science fiction and much more. Catering for all budgets, Parade Antiques offer products at various price ranges and the Company is committed to providing a great customer service experience. Their?success stems from ensuring that all items are labelled with an accurate description and price. Parade Antiques are always available to advise customers on anything they wish to buy (or sell) and allow them to handle the items.

Listen Online: http:bit.ly1KGajBF

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In all of my speaking classes, students ask me how to handle public speaking nervousness Derek Barnett Hat , fears, jitters, anxieties - and the physical symptoms these feelings produce. There is no single answer; you must prepare by anticipating your speech mentally, logistically, and physically.


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