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Beat Off Father Time With a Big Stick - Strength Training Health Articles | May 11 Chris Archer Jersey , 2009
We spend much of our time sitting in front of computers, driving in cars, and watching our televisions, so many of us need to plan our daily physical exercise so that we stay healthy.By sticking with...

We spend much of our time sitting in front of computers, driving in cars, and watching our televisions Jung-ho Kang Jersey , so many of us need to plan our daily physical exercise so that we stay healthy.

By sticking with those fitness plans on a regular basis, we can increase the number of years we can expect to live. And, regular proper exercise adds quality to those extra years because it makes us feel better - physically and emotionally.

Men and women who perform strength training exercise retain muscle strength and bone density as they grow older, rather than lose it. If you stay sedentary, you will lose about 1% of your muscle mass every year, which accelerates the rate that you age. But by consistently working out Starling Marte Jersey , you will hold the line against this loss.

Father Time takes its toll on our bodies, but you don't have to sit back and let the effects of aging take place without a fight. You do have the power to control how much and how fast the aging process works on your body. You can even reverse some of the damage that has already been done over the years.

With a basic strength building and maintenance program, exercises done in less than an hour a day, twice or three times a week, can turn back the clock. If you are not involved in this type of exercise now, give it a try Kent Tekulve Jersey , in a few short weeks you will feel better, have more energy, be stronger, and healthier.

You will even notice that you look slimmer, tighter, and firmer than you have for years. If you are carrying excess baggage from years of good cooking and not enough exercise you will see the fat drop off and burn away as muscles steal energy from the fat storage cells to grow and replenish themselves as you get stronger.

No matter what your age is now it's never too late to start strength training. Building and preserving muscle mass is crucially important to a more youthful appearance now and independence in your later years. For most people Roberto Clemente Jersey , muscle strength peaks during the twenties or thirties and then starts the downward slide that eventually makes it tough to get out of the bathtub, rise from an easy chair, pick up a grandchild, climb stairs or carry a bag of groceries. But this decline is not inevitable and is totally avoidable.

Research scientists have been looking long and hard for the enzyme, gene, or other reasons that cause loss of muscle and bone strength as we age. Fortunately for us Willie Stargell Jersey , the results all point to a different cause: our behavior. As the years go by, people use their muscles less, and the use-it-or-lose-it principle kicks in to shrink your muscles causing them to lose strength and drop your metabolism (the rate your body burns fuel).

The solution is strength training. You need to give yourself the opportunity to make the changes in your life that will safeguard your health and prepare you for a fuller, richer power packed life. This will need to be a decision to make your own health a number one priority in your life. If this is a new process for you, or if you have not had a regular exercise program in your life for some time, you will need to lay the ground work Pittsburgh Pirates Jersey , fire up your engines and get going. Once you discover how great you feel you will never want to go back to the way you were. Article Tags: Strength Training

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