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Sugar levels in blood increase when glucose is not utilized properly by cells. If high amount of sugar stays in blood for long time Logan Couture Womens Jersey , it causes damage to blood vessels resulting in increasing risk of kidney disease, heart disease and stroke and nerve and vision problems. Overweight people are more prone to develop this metabolic disorder than people with normal weight. To maintain normal blood sugar, it requires following healthy lifestyle and diet. One can take the help of ayurvedic anti diabetic pills also to control blood sugar levels.

Factors that rise glucose level in blood:

1. Eating too many foods which are high in carbohydrates.
2. Doing less or no physical activities at all.
3. Low production of insulin by pancreas.
4. Side effects of other medications.
5. Hormones which body release to reduce illness that increase blood glucose levels.
6. Stress makes one less active which results in less utilization of blood glucose.
7. Blood sugar may rise during menstrual periods too.
8. Dehydration.

Symptoms of high blood sugar:

1. Excessive urination High glucose concentration in blood draws fluid from cells and tissues and this increases volume of urine after being filtered by kidneys.
2. Excessive thirst Loss of water from body cells and tissues can increase thirst.
3. Increased hunger Shortage of insulin causes one to eat more.
4. Weight loss One may lose weight as a result of loss of fluid due to increased frequency of urination and fat burning to maintain cellular metabolism in body.
5. Infections Glucose feeds bacteria and yeasts and therefore presence of high amount of sugar in blood increases chances of infections.
6. Slow healing of cuts and wounds High blood sugar relatively slows down healing of skin and soft-tissues inside skin.
7. Dry, itchy skin Excessive urination results in dehydration in body which is what increases dryness in skin.
8. Blurred vision Glucose draws water from cells in every part of body which include eyes too and as a result Joe Thornton Womens Jersey , lens of eyes become dry which affect vision also. In chronic case of diabetes, one may become permanently blind.
9. Headaches and difficulty in concentrating Because of inability of cells to use glucose from blood stream, neurons (brain cells) do not work properly.
10. Fatigue Energy production lowers down due to inability of using glucose and causes weakness and fatigue.
11. Chronic constipation or diarrhea -When high blood glucose affects the small intestine, it results in diarrhea and when diabetes affects the large intestine Mikkel Boedker Jersey , constipation problem can occur.
12. Irritability High level of glucose in blood affects moods of a person and this is what causes irritation and frustration.

Diabgon capsules are powerful ayurvedic anti diabetic pills which are beneficial in both cases of type-1 and type-2 diabetes. These supplements increase natural ability of body to utilize sugar present in blood. Diabgon capsules give effective relief from symptoms of diabetes within short time period. These supplements contain ingredients which increase healing ability and immunity also.

These ayurvedic anti diabetic pills improve functions of following organs to keep sugar level under control:

1. Liver These supplements improve functions of liver in order to prevent excess production and storage of glucose.
2. Pancreas These herbal capsules cause pancreas to produce insulin in optimum amount according to the requirement of body. Insulin further helps body cells to absorb glucose from blood to produce energy.
3. Body cells Active ingredients of these supplements increase response of cells towards insulin and this enables use of glucose for energy production and muscle development.

Diabgon capsules are loaded with Jaiphal, Bimbaphal, Indrayan, Baghaphal Tim Heed Jersey , Arjun Extract, Haldi, Neem Extract, Jamun Melker Karlsson Jersey , Gurmar Extract, Kasondi, Sajjikhar, Vidarikand Kevin Labanc Jersey , Bilva Patra Extract, Safed Musli Extract, Sudh Shilajit, Giloy Justin Braun Jersey , Chirayata, Methi and Karela Extract. These herbs altogether help to keep blood sugar level under control. These ayurvedic anti diabetic pills should be regularly used for 3 to 4 months to control diabetes in a natural manner.

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