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VMware vExpert Yury Magalif, Practice Manager for End-User Computing (EUC) and Virtualization at CDI, offers insight on the future of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Topics include virtualized computing hardware, software, equipment, service optimization, monitoring, provisioning, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), mobile device management (MDM), and other implementation details. He cleverly advises, “Everyone is Entitled to my Opinion on the Future of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).”

Greetings CIOs, IT Managers, VM-ers, Cisco-ites, Microsoftians, and all other End-Users out there… Yury here. Yury Magalif. Inviting you now to take another virtual trip with me to the cloud, or at least to your data center. As Practice Manager at CDI, your company is depending on my team of seven (plus or minus a consultant or two) to manage the implementation of virtualized computing including hardware, software, equipment, service optimization, monitoring, provisioning, etc. And you thought we were sitting behind the helpdesk and concerned only with front-end connectivity. Haha (still laughing) that’s a good one!

VDI: Our Journey Begins Here
Allow me to paint a simple picture and add a splash of math to illustrate why your CIO expects so much from me and my team. Your company posted double-digit revenue growth for three years running and somehow, now, in Q2 of year four, finds itself in a long fourth down and 20 situation. (What? You don’t understand American football analogies? Okay, in the international language of auto-racing, we are 20 laps behind and just lost a wheel.) One thousand employees need new laptops, docking stations, flat panel displays, and related hardware. Complicating the matter are annual software licensing fees for a group of 200 but with only five simultaneous concurrent users worldwide. At $1,500 per user times 1,000, plus the $100 fee, your CIO has to decide how it will explain to the board that it plans to spend another 1.5 million dollars on IT just after Q1 closed down 40 percent and Q2 is looking to be even worse.

Instead of going for it and risking field position, the CIO decides to implement a new 3-year Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) strategy at a total lower cost. No one ever really likes to punt and with virtual desktops, BYOD mobile management, and security solutions, you don’t have to. Your staff may decide to keep using their existing PCs for another few years. We’re in the back-end blocking, and we have players downfield running their routes, and that means there you are gliding straight up the middle; forget the first down – you just scored.

The example given could have depicted a fully-funded budget. It makes no difference, as virtualization of computing resources is a smart play in any economic climate. Instead of IT spending on laptops and desktops, you are allocating funds to strengthen the computing capabilities of your VDI.

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